Certification Register

Find a designer or installer approved to certify building work (Approved Certifier)

If you are undertaking building work and you want to find someone who is approved to certify that the work complies with building regulations, you should use the Scottish Government’s Building Standards Certification Register. The register provides lists of approved designers or installers and their contact details.

Current aspects of work that can be certified are:

  • Building Structures – Certification of Design (Building Structures)
  • Energy – Certification of Design (Energy)

  • Drainage, Heating and Plumbing Installations – Certification of Construction (Drainage, Heating and Plumbing)
  • Electrical Installations – Certification of Construction (Electrical Installations to BS 7671)
To find an approved designer or installer from the register, go to Find an Approved Body. This is the business who employs at least one Approved Certifier.

Further information can be found at www.gov.scot/bsd